The Brilliance of Following a Process

By Bill Wilson, Author – Master Virtue Master Selling

“Brilliance is found in taking a complicated structure and making it easy to understand for a prospect. That’s the gift that process brings to you.

Almost every organized process will work, some better than others. However, a process won’t work if you’re only half following it. Making individualized judgments about certain aspects of a process, such as picking and choosing whatever feeds a need for comfort or importance, and/or trying to connect dots that are based in opinion not procedure: These things will destroy your ability to learn the right way. Process will eat your opinions for breakfast. Even if you lose an occasional sale because you are on-process, you will lose your entire way if you’re not.


Process salespeople, who work in in virtue, will be confident enough to admit when they are off, because they know it’s the only way to make needed corrections. It requires the ability to govern your mindset through honesty, without ego, even in front of other people. It’s not a show; it’s simply reality. Virtue in the context of this post or my book is the balance between excessive and deficient behaviors. It is a learned disposition, requiring patience, openness, and willingness to put aside whatever you may feel and place your actions in the hands of a process that you will be faithful to following. Even when it feels unnatural. Growth is an extension of putting yourself out there, away from your comfort zone.


Others can learn a lot more from watching you navigate your challenges than they will by listening to the justification of off-system behaviors. In selling, advantageous people are given a need and can fill it. Influencers discover a need and expand it. It takes the strong habits of serious personalities to understand the difference.

Agesilaus, a Spartan statesman, once said, “It isn’t positions which lend distinction, but those who enhance positions.


Excerpt From the book: “Master Virtue, Master Selling.” by Bill Wilson, available on

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